Knox Solar Technical Training Session - Lahore

The Knox Solar Technical Training Session in Lahore was a noteworthy event, bringing together solar energy professionals, technicians, and enthusiasts from the local region. Hosted by Knox, the session focused on enhancing the technical skills and knowledge of participants regarding the latest advancements in solar technology and Knox’s innovative product range. Comprehensive modules covered the installation, maintenance, and optimization of Knox solar systems, with a special emphasis on the Knox Xenon & Krypton Series of hybrid solar inverters, ASW LT & ASW LT-G2 Series of On-grid Solar Inverters and the Rack-mounted and IP65 Wall-mounted Lithium Ion Batteries. Expert trainers delivered detailed presentations and hands-on demonstrations, showcasing the dual outputs, smart load management, and wide PV input voltage range of the Xenon Series, Krypton Series, ASW LT-G2 Series, alongside the scalability and safety features of Knox’s lithium-ion batteries.

Interactive workshops allowed attendees to practice installing and configuring Knox solar systems, with live demonstrations highlighting the products’ ease of use and reliability. The event also offered valuable networking opportunities, enabling industry professionals to discuss the latest trends and challenges in the solar energy sector. The Knox team was present to answer questions and provide personalized guidance, ensuring participants gained a thorough understanding of the products’ functionalities and applications. The training session in Lahore exemplified Knox’s dedication to advancing technical expertise and promoting innovation in renewable energy.

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