H-U4850G Lithium Ion Battery


The Knox H-U4850G Lithium Ion Battery is a versatile rack-mounted energy storage solution, offering scalable configurations ranging from 2.5kWh to 20kWh. Its modular design enables convenient installation and operation, with the flexibility to expand capacity as needed. With the safest LiFePO4 technology and a 6000 cycle life, it ensures sustained power supply and long-term reliability. Equipped with a KNOX-designed BMS for full-scale protection, this battery prioritizes safety while saving floor space and supporting communication via RS485 and CAN protocols. Compatible with leading inverter brands, it offers seamless integration into various energy systems.

Key Features


The Knox H-U4850G Lithium Ion Battery ensures long-term reliability with its LiFePO4 technology and robust construction, boasting a remarkable 6000 cycle life for sustained power supply. Its modular design and KNOX-designed BMS provide comprehensive protection against potential risks, prioritizing safety and uninterrupted energy supply even as demands evolve.


Offering scalable configurations from 2.5kWh to 20kWh, the Knox H-U4850G Lithium Ion Battery delivers impressive power capabilities to meet diverse energy demands. Its modular design facilitates easy expansion, while its LiFePO4 technology ensures high energy density and efficiency, maximizing the utilization of stored energy and empowering users with reliable and powerful energy storage solutions.

Easy to install

Engineered for user-friendly installation and operation, the Knox H-U4850G Lithium Ion Battery’s modular design and rack-mounted configuration save space and allow for efficient setup. With support for RS485 and CAN communication protocols, it enables seamless connectivity with inverters, while its extendable-modular design ensures flexibility for future expansion, providing a smooth and straightforward installation process for users.

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