Knox Argo solar inverter
Argon VM II 3500

The Knox Argon 3kW VMII 3500 is a pioneering off-grid solar solution, renowned for its unmatched reliability and efficiency. Its innovative inverter technology transforms solar power integration across diverse applications, optimizing energy utilization and maximizing efficiency while ensuring battery health and longevity for sustained off-grid power generation.


Designed with rugged construction, the Knox Argon 3kW VMII 3500 is engineered to thrive in remote and challenging environments. Its robust build ensures durability and resilience against harsh weather conditions and environmental factors, making it an ideal choice for off-grid installations. This series empowers users to experience uninterrupted energy supply, providing a dependable source of power even in off-grid locations where traditional energy sources may be unavailable or unreliable. With the Knox Argon VM II Series, users can confidently embrace sustainable energy solutions while setting new standards for reliability and performance in off-grid power generation.

Main Benefits

Built-in anti-dust kit

Maximum charging current 100A

3500W PV Input Range

Reserved communication port for BMS

Battery independent design

Key Features


The Argon 3kW VMII 3500 ensures uninterrupted off-grid solar energy with robust components and advanced fault detection. It stands as a reliable solution, guaranteeing consistent performance even in challenging conditions, minimizing downtime, and maximizing productivity.


With cutting-edge inverter technology, the Knox Argon 3kW VMII 3500 efficiently converts solar energy into electricity, catering to diverse energy demands. It offers ample power reserves for residential and industrial applications, empowering users with abundant energy regardless of location or scale.

Easy to install

The Knox Argon 3kW VMII 3500 simplifies installation with user-friendly interfaces and flexible configurations. It minimizes complexity, reduces setup time, and provides comprehensive installation guides and technical support, ensuring a smooth transition to off-grid solar power for all users.

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