ASW 8-12K HT1 Series

Introducing our new ASW H-T1 hybrid three phase inverter series, a reliable solution for home and small business installations, with a compact and elegant design.

Solplanet’s three phase  hybrid inverter series feature Dual EPS, allowing a hierarchical management of high-power electrical equipment, and its flexible design supports a phased deployment of batteries.

As in all our products, the installation process is thought from the design phase, making all the process easier for installers and technicians. Monitoring and operation data visualization is fast and user-friendly via our Solplanet App.

Main Benefits

IP66 rated design for outdoor use

13 A input current per string, ideal for bifacial and large area PV modules

Up to 5 MPPT’s allowing PV plant design flexibility.

Quick & easy-to-install with standard tools Replaceable Type-II SPD

Easy commissioning & monitoring with our user-friendly app

Key Features

Elegant & Discrete

Our ASW H-T1 series features an elegant and resistant design, with a compact design measuring only 530x560x200 mm and weighting only 30-32 kg (depending on the model), allows it to blend seamlessly on your home or business.
Flexible and reliable

The Dual Electric Power Supply (EPS) supports a flexible management of high-powered electrical equipment, and the support of of phased deployment of batteries, allows you to tailor-design your storage system. Also the IP65 certification makes it all weather-proof, for convenient indoor or outdoor installation.

Monitoring made easy!

Installation monitoring and data visualization has never been so easy. We’ve updated our Solplanet App, and with it you can control your energy production and storage directly from your smartphone. 

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